Thank you so much for considering partnering with us to help the Lakota. Please do not underestimate what can be done with any monetary donation. Every single dollar works with other dollars and gives HOPE. We appreciate what every donation allows us to provide. Thank you.

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Please know that any amount – even $5 – helps toward our efforts!

Donate Online:

Suggested donations and ways your donations help:

  • $10/month provides sanitary supplies, wipes and panties for a girl during her menstrual cycle. Girls often miss school for lack of sanitary supplies and to avoid the embarrassment of bleeding through her clothes.
  • $10/month provides breakfast, lunch and snacks for a child for one week at Sapa Un Academy.
  • $40/year provides much needed school supplies for students.
  • $25 – $50/month provides additional healthy food items. Towards the end of the month, food becomes scarce and in some homes nonexistent. This extra helps them get through the month. We are working with a local supplier so the money goes further.
  • $100/month provides opportunities for kids at the crisis center to celebrate things like birthdays, it allows staff to take them to take them off the reservation for special treats like Pizza, movies, etc. Many of these children have never been able to experience the simple joys of childhood because life has required them to grow up much to fast. This helps kids be kids!
  • We often have needs that come up that are not predictable-outside water pumps so that families have access to water, hot water heaters, simple home repairs, etc, that we are also trying to help with. Any amount that can be donated towards the unexpected needs allows us to say, “yes” when we are asked if we can help.

Again, please know that any amount – even $5 – helps toward our efforts!

Thank you for your generous support of Unbroken Circle Project!

Unbroken Circle Project is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. Your financial gifts are tax-deductible charitable contributions and you will receive appropriate documentation for your records.

100% of all donations are used to help the Lakota people. All of our administrative needs are covered by incredible and selfless volunteers!

Donate by Check

Make checks payable to “Unbroken Circle Project” and mail to:
PO Box 1364
Fletcher, NC 28732

Note: If you are donating with a specific purpose in mind, please attach a note indicating that purpose with your check.

Thank you so much for your donation!