A circle… For Native Americans, a circle is representative of life, death, community, healing, restoration, equality, and hope. We struggled and prayed mightily to find an image that would represent Native American culture, yet also what we believed was broken, and what we were being led to believe would restore the brokenness.

When we met our grandmas at Wounded Knee and asked one of them why the dreamcatchers she made didn’t have a complete circle, her response was, “Because the circle has been broken, our people are hurting. When we restore our people, the circle will be whole again.” It was just a logo, and there are so many of them. But for us, in that moment, it was further affirmation that the Creator was calling us to bring restoration to Native Americans.

Unbroken Circle Project sees restoration most attainable with Native American youth by helping them achieve their educational goals. There are MANY barriers to this, as even the most basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter go unmet on most reservations. Our awareness of this altered our original plan to focus strictly on education to also finding ways to partner with other organizations and Native American leaders who are working to remove these barriers.

Our Vision:

To see every Native American youth who desires an opportunity in an educational pursuit and/or life plan, realize their goals by having the barriers to these goals minimized or removed.